You guys have no idea how much I’ve been meaning to scream this to the world, but I was still getting some things organized and didn’t feel right telling it yet. Well, two people knew about this but mainly this was kept hush-hush (even in my own household!)

But it’s time for me to spill the secret. I will be going to Spain in August where I will be teaching English! Cue the screams

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This is a 100% confirmed, but I’d love to ask for some help. Financial help (I know, don’t click away just yet, just hear me out at least!). I created a Pool on PayPal, if anyone is interested in helping me out. The character count was limited to 1,000 though, so the description might feel a bit…cold

So let me get it all down in this post

Why Teach Abroad?

To put it simply, teaching abroad would help me checkmark almost all of the things I’ve been wanting to do since forever: teach, learn languages, and travel. In high school, the career I wanted to aim for was a teacher. Preferably a math teacher. As I got older and began studying art, this idea changed into an art teacher (I also considered English teacher because BOOKS)

The rest is pretty self-explanatory. But this isn’t actually my first attempt at teaching abroad. I kept this a secret but at the beginning of 2019, I submitted my application to the JET program, in hopes that I would be a teacher’s aide. I failed epically!

But my teacher told me not to give up! And to look into getting a TEFL certificate.

What is TEFL?

TEFL is a certification that people need in order to teach English in a foreign country (a country where English isn’t the main language). It stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Where will I be certified?

I am currently in the process of enrolling with the International TEFL Academy. I will be taking the in-person class in the country I want to teach (aka. Spain). I decided on Spain because I already know Spanish and I thought it would be a really good way to ease into living on my own for the first time. I’ve never really experienced culture shock but I’m sure moving away to a country on my own where I don’t know the language would really do me in. Little steps

The class is 4 weeks long and is INTENSIVE. This means my days begin early in the morning and end late at night.Β All ITA-operated classes are externally monitored and approved at a Level 5 Ofqual (British Government) accreditation by TQUK (Read More)

Breakdown of the Money (UPDATED)

The Paypal Pool is at a goal of $1,500 and it ends July 5, 2019. Here’s a breakdown of my estimated starting expenses, my class tuition, my plans, and why I decided to set the pool to $1,500

Estimated Starting Expenses = $1,641

  • $900 for my Student Visa and class registration downpayment. Needed asap. COVERED. My brother has agreed to lend me this money!
  • $741 for the plane ticket. I’ve been browsing around for some prices and the best one so far is this one. COVERED. Thank you past me for saving up some money!

Remaining Cost of Certification and Study = $3,578.08

  • $3,200 Euros for the rest of the class. $2,800 needs to be paid 30-days before my classes begin and $400 the day the classes begin. This includes my tuition to get certified AND my tuition for a year’s worth of Spanish classes in Spain!
  • On 5/24/19 $3,200 Euros was equal to $3578.08 USD

Summer Job = ~$3,000

Because the TEFL Academy only helps me get certified, I need to save up some money before I head over to Spain. My goals and plans are to save up $3,000 to help me pay off the remaining cost of my studies. Ambitious considering I’m at a two-month time limit but I think I can do it if I max out my hours!

My goal is to get accepted somewhere before May ends. I am NOT picky. I will wash dishes if I have to!

PayPal Pool = $1,500

Honestly, I’m hoping I can make this amount by the time my first payment deadline rolls around. If my summer job plans don’t pan out as perfectly as I just outlined, this money will go directly into paying the remaining cost of my certification and study. If all goes according to plan, these $1,500 (or $1,000 tbh), will be used for my first month of living in Spain

I briefly considered making the pool a bit higher but I felt that wasn’t very fair! So $1,500 seemed like a safe amount to aim for

Why so much money?

I won’t be able to work while I am getting certified, so I have to have a month’s worth of allowance before I head out. I’m not a big spender, especially when I know I don’t have money to spend. I’ve heard it can get expensive living out in Madrid but I’m sure a few dozen eggs and water will get me through the month just fine (and won’t dent my wallet)

Still, that does leave housing and everyday living expenses to worry about, which I am still looking into. I know the TEFL Academy has rooming options and if it’s cheaper than staying alone, send me those roommates! I hear this also includes laundry so that helps with that problem. My plane ticket includes checked bags so you bet I’m going to pack me some liquids in there. Shampoo and deodorant are expensive!

Having these savings will also be a lifesaver if things go south. I’m very confident I will get a job soon after getting certified but one never knows.

PLUS, I will also be a student (so books). I will be taking some classes in Spanish, which I’m excited about. I’ve always wanted to improve my Spanish and this will be a perfect chance. I didn’t add any of these expenses to the list because ideally, I will be paying for this with the money I make teaching and some aid (which I am looking into as well)

Thank you everyone!

For any and all support, you guys send me, be it financially or just by sharing this post and my PayPal Pool. The money I’ve made via Patreon will be added to this once I can get it transferred (thank you Kat and Zoe!!), along with any mocha coffees you guys might want to buy me

My graduation is right around the corner as well (June 16th) so you bet I’m going to ask my parents to donate some money to this (lol!)

I’ll keep everyone updated here and on Twitter!

p.s. Please pretend you guys didn’t see my name. For my sanity Orz

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